WINC takes many birds into care that have collided with a window or a car, but this is a first. This young Kestrel, for reasons best known to itself, took on a Jet Fighter at the Williamtown RAAF Base - and won 

won (with a little help from some friends). The miracle is that it was even seen on the runway after it attacked the Jet, but some eagle-eyed RAAF staff scooped it up and raced to call WINC’s rescue line. The nearest rescuer sped to the Base, where his heart sank. The little bird’s eye was such a dreadful mess, euthanasia seemed the most likely outcome: there’s no way a one-eyed Kestrel can hunt to survive.

Never despairing, the rescuer rushed the Kestrel to WINC’s Raptor expert, who started in immediately with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory pain relief and lots of TLC. To everyone’s astonishment, the damaged eye actually healed, to be given an all clear from the Vet. There’s some way to go yet before this little fellow can take more test flights in a protected aviary, but a full recovery is expected. The next step would be to find a buddy Kestrel so the two can be released together – away from the temptation of challenging another Jet’s airspace.
The amazing score: Kestrel’s Team – 1; Jet Fighter – 0.