We don't know how this 6.5kg pelican arrived so far inland with a broken wing, but here he is inspecting his new waterside accommodation before being presented with a fish dinner. Kenny's one cool customer now his wing has been pinned, totally unfazed by the long trip to his new temporary accommodation - despite the excitement he caused when his chauffeur was held up by road works. His bandage is due to come off in a few days & a short time later, he'll be hitting the water to catch his own meals!

 Pelican Kenny


Update 31/7/2014 : 
It only took a few days for Kenny to become so territorial about "his" space & "his" pond, he's denying access to all other birds & critters. For reasons best known to himself, he's also attacking the elk & stag horns lovingly placed to brighten his environment. While that might seem a great way to wear out his welcome, it's a good sign he's feeling better every day