A male WINC rescuer left his house in a hell of a hurry after a call that a Wallaby had probably been hit by a car & was hiding under a caravan. The feisty male wallaby was none too impressed about being dislodged from his refuge but, as soon as the battle was won, the problem was clear. His eyes were so badly infected he was probably blinded. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. After some frustrating attempts, the wallaby was at last secured & bundled into the Ute for a record breaking trip to the Vet.


The Vet may never be the same again. After the wallaby had kicked through the material usually used to secure animals, the rescuer had used the only other thing handy – the wallaby was dressed in tracksuit pants! The rescuer remains silent about what he was wearing at the time, but there is no photo for obvious reasons.


As happy endings go, this one is a stand out. After a complete examination & prescribing antibiotics for his eyes, the Vet pronounced the wallaby a magnificent specimen; & he was driven to a licensed sanctuary to become part of a breeding programme. Lucky guy!