We have said it before....wildlife turns up in the strangest of places...

koala drive car

A schoolboy from rural Victoria returned home to find a koala behind the wheel of his family's Land Rover. Sam Box, 15, told Nine News that he had just stepped off the school bus when he noticed the koala 'trying to drive'!

koala drive car 2



Twin Redneck Wallabies taken into care - 1 Sept 2014 - a rare sight & they're looking pretty comfortable.

Twin wallabies


"%*#@$! I was blaming the kids!!!" One enterprising joey was saved from making himself an unhealthy snack - at least, we think that's what he had planned.

joey unhealthy snack



Little Alice was rescued by WINC after her mother was killed by a car. She weighs in at 528 grams & is so excited about drinking her formula, we have great hopes for her!



We did say wildlife turns up in the strangest of places!

koala-in-basket   parkeet-in-glass

parrot-on-cat2   owl-in-downpipe



"Meadow" a Ringtail Possum who weighs 37 gms, was found missing her mother & hiding under a car. She's now happily drinking her special formula & loves eating the fresh tips of Bottlebrush.




Simba, the eastern grey with two joey rednecks called Esky and Iszzy...just "hanging about".


 This Swamp Wallaby weighed in at 230gms when rescued. Now that's a success story!




Mother & son Pademelon. Despite the joey's size, he is still under mother's thumb. She calls & he obeys by scrambling back into her pouch. That can't be easy for either of them, but the mother, Poppyseed, is determined to keep her joey safe.


Microbat...aka..."Insect Terminator!" weighing in between 3g & 150g with an adult wingspan of + 25cm, it does more than its fair share for a liveable environment.